Celebrity #TweetFights

Top Celebrity #TweetFighters:

1) @taylorswift13, 2) @BarackObama, 3) @selenagomez, 4) @DalaiLama, 5) @ladygaga,
6) @ConanOBrien, 7) @drakkardnoir, 8) @shakira, 9) @britneyspears, 10) @katyperry

Celebrity #TweetFights (an Flash animated, Twitter visualization)

Watch your favourite celebrities battle it out in Celebrity #TweetFights. An animated, Adobe Flash, Twitter visualization.

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Each bird represents 1 of the last 200 tweets from the celebrity.
The toughness of the bird is related to how many times the tweet has been retweeted.
Each celebrity also has a 'King', which represents the number of followers the celebrity has.
Click on a bird to view the tweet.

If you REALLY want to watch two specific celebrities fight, you can edit the URL
eg. http://twitter.trevorboyle.com/celebrity-tweet-fights.html?o1=BRITNEYSPEARS&o2=LADYGAGA
will show a #TweetFight between @britneyspears and @ladygaga (although sometimes celebrities are too tired to fight).